Champi-Orcs Thrower (1)

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If an Orc who wants to play Fantasy Bowl is good at arm wrestling (a common practice in Wild Tribez), he won’t have any problems finding a team. It's the order of things since the beginning of this sport. And since, the orcish tactics stayed - more or less - the same. Orcs were never keen on such things as aiming. They preferred to use strength. Usually, they throw the ball just like a spear: as far as they can and no matter if in the right direction. That's why it isn't strange that Orcs with well-developed ball-throwing arms are valuable for trainers and sponsors.

This set contains one strong-armed Champi-Orcs Thrower. His shoulder pad and head are fully interchangeable with other team members of Kromlech Champi-Orcs.

This product is supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required.