Darpan Xeno-Station Scenery Pack

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Darpan Xeno-station is one of the many secret research facilities hidden deep in the jungles of the Durgama region, on Concilium Prime. It’s a joint-initiative put forward by O-12 and the Darpan Corporation, a PanOceanian company dedicated to food-related and genetic research. Although these kind of joint-initiatives are commonplace for O-12's research programs, the work conducted in Darpan is distinctive in that they are being carried out under the patronage and supervision of ALEPH.

This Scenery Pack includes a ready-to-play, double-sided printed cardboard scenery (4 Buildings, 4 Holoads, 2 Public Consoles, and 9 Blast Barriers), a Game Mat, and also cardboard Markers, Templates and a measuring tool. Everything you need to start playing!

The ideal complement to increase the cover of your gaming table.

Some assembly may be required.