Champi-Orcs! Team (16)

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Orcs - as the pioneers in this brutal sport, by many called Fantasy Bowl - probably have the most imposing roster of teams compared to all other races. Besides the well-known veterans, there are many others among orcish players - younger, hungrier, and more than ready to prove their value in any stadium. These are the features that every Orc from Wild Tribe possesses. One could say that these Orcs practically breathe this violent sport - the sport that is as savage as they are. The name of the team they made, sooner or later, without a doubt, will become a prophecy fulfilled.

This set contains one Kromlech Champi-Orcs! Team. It consists of sixteen Orcs - including 4x  big guys - Champi-Orcs Shamans, 4x skull-bashing Champi-Orcs Brawlers, 6x dedicated Champi-Orcs Linemen, and 2x strong Champi-Orcs Throwers. Additionally, you get two Dark Forest Fantasy Balls. The heads and shoulder pads of all Orcs are fully interchangeable.

This product is supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required.