Orc Corsair Warlord Deffkrooza

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Warchief of Galactic Seas, the Prophet of Green Octopus, pirate scum - Deffkrooza bears many names, all bear seeds of truth in them. What started as a small Orc warband formed into an unstoppable campaign of bloodshed and plunder. He leads his Orc Corsairs at the front lines, next to Battle Rigs and crazy Storm Riderz. Woe to the enemy who dares to cross sword with his anchor!

This set contains one Orc Corsair Warlord Deffkrooza - an imposing chosen of the Orc Gods. He is armed with Ship-Killa cannon, and his right arm ends with a massive looted anchor, Sea Toof. The set includes three different heads and one smoking pipe.

This product is supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required.