RUMBLESLAM Sponsor Logo Stencil

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Fly through the skies with Eagle Airways! Get HARD with Snori's Stoneskin Supplements! Make your stomach bleed with Orka-Cola! Yep, that really is what it does. Even to Orcs. Although they enjoy the feeling a lot more than other races.

If you want to really sell your soul to a major corporation, why not pick a fictional one? The Sponsor Logo Stencils contain everything you need to well and truly sell out.

A whole mess of different stencils on each frame await you, perfect for advertising your favourite brand all over your RUMBLESLAM Deluxe Ring. Each symbol is specially designed to sit in different places on the ring or around your stadium, with large logos for the centre, and smaller ones for the outsides.

Contains 1 stencil frame made from 3mm MDF. Because the stencils are so packed in on this frame, you'll need to use masking tape to mask off any stencils you don't want to come out!