Sell to Us

Selling your Games Workshop or Citadel Miniatures models, or Magic the Gathering cards, to us is as easy as bringing in the items you wish to sell into the store. We are interested in everything from new in box, painted to any standard or in any stage in between. Please note that we are not interested in incomplete sprues where important parts of the model(s) are missing. 


We will ask you to present your items in a dedicated space in store, collect contact information and ask you to choose if you'd like to leave your items with us or take them with you until the next step. We will e-mail, or ring, you back with a quote of how much we would pay for the items, at the latest by the end of the following Wednesday.


We pay by PayPal or bank transfer. We also offer extra if taking payment as store credit towards items in store or on our websites!

Regardless of your quote we always offer 30% extra if taken as a voucher in store or as credit on or Additionally we can also offer 50% extra on your quote if taken as a voucher to spend in store on any TTCombat branded items.

Once a price has been agreed upon, and you either left your items with us or brought them back in, it is your choice to decide if you prefer one of the voucher or credit options or as currency.