Infinity: Betrayal Graphic Novel

Infinity: Betrayal Graphic Novel

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Deep in the jungles of the planet Paradiso, in a secret facility, Imperial Agent Adil Mehmut faces his most harrowing task: to uncover the truth about Ko Dali, a renowned heroine who could be the key to humanity's survival, or perhaps, an alien entity that threatens to divide the human race in its struggle for survival.

This intense graphic novel narrative immerses you in a world of political intrigue and war where truths are hidden in the shadows and loyalties are tested. Adil Mehmut will find himself caught in a deadly game, fighting against time before the alien forces of the Combined Army discover Ko Dali's whereabouts and launch a desperate rescue operation.

In this narrative, nothing is as it seems, and Adil must question everything he believes in, including the loyalties of those he has sworn to serve. Step into a thrilling graphic novel that will keep you on edge from the first page to the last.