Do You Want to Build a Spaceship?

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Step 1 - Build a Spaceship - 27th of October
Come into the shop during normal open hours to design and build your spaceship; using parts from the modular Resistance Frigate kit. Our staff are happy to assist with assembly, but the design choices are yours. Your creation is then yours to keep, free of charge. You are encouraged to paint your spaceship and bring it back before the deadline to enter into the painting competition!

Entries should have no additional parts added and should be mounted on the supplied base and flight stand. Only the ship itself is part of the competition.

Step 2 - Deadline and Voting - 27th/28th of November
You have until the store closes on the 27th of November to enter your ship into the competition, and when we open again on the 28th, voting begins! Any visitor that comes into the store may cast a vote on their favorite ship in both age categories.
There are also an additional five judges who will cast blind votes on their top three entries in both age categories, and as very experienced and unbiased parties their votes will be weighted. Colour choices, techniques, artistic style, freehand and execution are all important aspects.
Step 3 - Winners and Battle Royale - 12th of December
At 1:00 pm on Sunday the 12th of December the winners will be announced and prizes will be handed out; including Resistance Starter Fleet and store vouchers! However, it does not end there; at 2:00 pm anyone who entered into the competition may deploy their ship into the emptiness of space and fight it out in a Battle Royale, last man standing! Additional prizes to the ship that survives the longest, and the ship and destroys the most opponents.

Slimline Dropfleet Commander rules will be used for the battle, which will be taught on the day for anyone who is new.

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